Elementary School

Our private elementary school programs focus on hands-on, experiential learning that promote curiosity, critical thinking, and independence.

Transitional Kindergarten

An all-day, academic program for children ready for more structure. TK develops a foundation for reading, math and other core subjects and provides a crucial stepping stone for learners that are not quite old enough for traditional kindergarten.


A big step for every student. Kindergarteners begin to follow instructions, interact with peers, and complete tasks more independently. They make leaps in all academic subjects and are encouraged to ask questions, share thoughts, and engage in an adventure of discovery and learning.

Grades 1-4

Our Elementary program is progressive. As students exhibit proficiency in various subjects, we advance the challenge. Through hands-on activities, group projects, and thoughtful discussion, students hone academic and personal skills.

Enrichment Programs

At Action Day, learning goes beyond academics. On-campus enrichment programs help students develop unique talents, and provide opportunity for imagination, friendship, and self-expression.



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