Experimenting with UV Beads

  • Alejandra
  • May 26, 2021
  • < 1 min read
With the weather warming up and summer right around the corner, applying sunscreen is a MUST! But why?
Students discussed the science behind the sun’s powerful UV rays and what sunscreen does to help our skin in this experiment.
In this demonstration, the Ziplock bag acts like our skin.
We applied a spray sunscreen with 50 SPF and a creamy sunscreen with 100 SPF on two of the bags.
Inside the bags are unique UV color-changing beads; when exposed to the UV rays from the sun, they change from clear beads to bright, colorful beads.
There was also a control bag with no sunscreen. As you can see in the pictures, sunscreen acts as an effective barrier to absorb many harmful UV rays to protect our skin!

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