Sight words scavenger hunt!

  • Alejandra
  • June 2, 2021
  • < 1 min read

Students learn sight words (or high-frequency words) throughout the year in our junior kindergarten program.  Sight words are words that are used most often in reading and writing.  Learning sight words has many benefits to our students, including promoting confidence in pre-reading and reading skills. 

Students who have mastered their beginning sight words can often recognize at least half of a sentence!  Once students begin to read, it will allow them to focus on the words they do not know if they can recognize their sight words. This helps with their reading comprehension skills.  Students will begin to combine the words they can quickly identify with their ability to sound out words, and thus, they are reading! 

To make learning sight words fun and exciting, our junior kindergartners play many sight word games and participate in hands-on activities with their sight words.  In these pictures, our students are on a sight word scavenger hunt! 

Look how they can recognize, read, and even write their sight words!  Way to go, junior kindergarteners! We are so proud of you! 

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