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  • Alejandra
  • October 18, 2022
  • 2 mins read
Action Day Schools

Dear Action Day Family,

We’re excited to announce that we’re updating the Action Day Primary Plus name and theme line for our schools. Going forward, we’ll be known as:

Action Day Schools

Living in Silicon Valley, with a front-row seat to rapid technological change and its impact on our communities and culture, you’re well aware of the need for organizations to adapt and evolve.

Our new name is meant to simplify our brand — to communicate to you, our existing families, as well as prospects — that we are ONE community and are the best place for a child’s critical developmental years.

A little history is in order. Action Day was founded in 1968 by Carol and John Freitas to offer nursery school and after-school daycare. Over the past 54 years, we’ve grown and expanded — opening new schools, extending our classes through 8th grade, and launching innovative programs such as our acclaimed West Valley Dance Company.

Statistics show that most organizations don’t make it to their 10th anniversary, much less their golden anniversary. Clearly, we’re doing something right — by prioritizing the needs of the whole child by creating excitement for learning in a fun and loving environment.

As leaders in learning here in Silicon Valley, we want to continue our founders’ visionary spirit and mindset. We’ll do this by ensuring that each child can follow his or her unique path to that bright future that we all want for our families.

That’s why we’ve kept our trademark with the lovely boy and girl that has stood as a symbol for Action Day over many years. But we’ve added a big star to serve as a guiding light leading our young people to achievement in a learning environment that is always fun and loving.

Our new brand and imaging will roll out over the coming months, with an update to our website expected later this year— and the entire program will be completed by fall 2023.

This is what Action Day represents, and we’re so happy to continue on this journey with you and your family. Please reach out if you have any questions or comments.


Cathy Jelic

President | Partner

Action Day Schools

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